An Exploration of the Practice Path of Party Building and Business Integration in Higher Vocational Colleges—A Case Study of the Teaching Branch of the College of Tea and Food Science and Technology in Jiangsu Polytechnic of Agriculture and Forestry

Wang Chong, Chen Fanxue, Cao Zheng, Xie Chunqin, Zhang Xuesong


The Party branch of teachers in higher vocational colleges needs to correctly understand the dialectical relationship between party building and business work. At present, the phenomenon of emphasizing business over party building is still a prominent problem in the integration of the two. This paper sorted out the problems and current situation in the process of party construction and business integration in the party branch of grass-roots teachers, analyzed the specific reasons, and introduced the exploration of the party branch in promoting the integration of party construction and business work in combination with the practice of the School of Tea and Food Science and Technology of Jiangsu Agriculture and Forestry Vocational and Technical College.

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