Promoting the Archival Construction of Higher Education Institutions by Leveraging the Undergraduate Teaching Assessment System

Wen Si


The working system of higher education institutions is based on cultivation, scientific research, serving the economic construction, and dissemination and innovation of civilizations. Undergraduate teaching assessment is a vital method to strengthen the macro-management of higher education, and enhance the efficiency of teaching and the effectiveness of schooling in China. It is also an effective way to promote the establishment of the quality assurance system of higher education, and plays a significant role in improving the undergraduate education and the quality of training and teaching. The qualifying examination is a comprehensive appraisal of the performance of undergraduate education in higher education institutions, and provides a key opportunity for promoting the establishment and development of colleges and universities. School archives are the original records with retained significance made by various functional departments of the school in the implementation and management of education and teaching, which can reflect the development of the school. Archives play a very important role in teaching evaluation. Similarly, archive management has been paid more attention to by school leaders and faculty by taking the opportunity of undergraduate evaluation, and has developed rapidly, thus achieving the two-way promotion of archive management and undergraduate evaluation in colleges and universities.

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