Student Perceptions of COVID-19 on Mental Health and Academic Success: A Comparison between University and Community College Students

Rose, Stephanie F., Christian, Samantha A., Sego, Anita, Demers, Denise


Very little evidence addresses college students’ perceptions of mental health and supportive services available to assist them with being academically successful since the COVID-19 pandemic began. This is also true for comparing community college students and university students. This study examines the concepts of how COVID-19 has impacted overall student-perceptions of their mental health. Data on perceptions was collected from both community college and university students. A total of 932 students completed a survey regarding their views of mental health, academic success and supportive services Relationships between perceived mental health and supportive services rendered significant findings. Perceived differences between perceived mental health and supportive services were also significantly significant in the data. Recommendations for future research is also explored.

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