Assessment of Level of Local Community Awareness of the Activities of State Institutions in Environmental Protection in Taraba State, Nigeria

Oruonye, E. D., Bashir Mohammed Babanyaya, Ngamdu, M. B.


Understanding local community awareness of the activities of state institutions in environmental protection is an important step for successful implementation of sustainable environmental protection polices in the state. It is against this background that this study examines local community awareness of the activities of State Institutions in environmental protection in Taraba State, Nigeria. The study adopted survey research design. Primary and secondary data were used. 376 questionnaires were administered to local community members in the state. The findings of the study reveal low performance of the State institutions which was mostly in the area of distribution of alternative source of domestic energy (gas and cooking stoves), planting and distribution of tree seedlings. The study findings also reveal low involvement of the local communities especially those in the rural areas. This resulted in the low level of local community awareness of the activities of the state institutions on environmental protection in the state. Based on the findings, the study recommended adequate funding of the state institutions, involvement of local communities in the activities of state institutions and increasing research in awareness studies in the state.

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