Images of Body Shaming in Ezeigbo’s Magic Breast Bags

Joy O. Odewumi, Adenle Adepeju


Body shaming is an old sociological phenomenon that leaves a mark in the life of its recipients and could drive them to take drastic actions in other to fit into societal perceived and accepted looks. Several literary works expose the open criticism and mockery of a person’s physical appearances which could demoralize or impede the mindset of the individuals and yet nothing is done about it in most situations. The act of body shaming is an act of bullying which the effect oftentimes is trivialized in certain situations and communities. Body shaming might not even be regarded as an act of bullying or wrong-doing to a person’s mental state and general perceptions of their being. The objective of this study is to expose the resultant effect of body shaming, proffer ways in which it can be curbs and examine the role of literature as a corrective medium. From a sociological stand point, using the symbolic interactionist perspective theory, this study draws its strength from Akachi Adimora Ezeigbo Magic Breast Bag a collection of short stories with a focus “Magic Breast Bags”, “The Runaway Prophet” and “I Go Drive Myself”. The selected choices aim at exploring the causes of body shaming, the psychological effect of body shaming and the perceived gender labeling of body shaming.

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