Using Mobile Devices to Access Social Media Networks: Students Learning through Web Quest Technique

Abdelwahed Elsafi


This study aims to explore the effect of mobile devices and social media networks supported with Web Quest on student’s communication and motivation skills. A web Quest was used for implementing the study as a way that enables learners to research on the web to navigate digital learning materials. This study presents the findings on students’ perspectives when searching the social media networks via their mobile devices following the Web Quest steps for achieving learning activities. The study follows the qualitative approach, the students used mobile devices to accomplish the learning tasks. The data were collected through a student questionnaire. The findings indicated that the use of mobile devices and social media networks provided opportunities for engaging in learning and increased students’ cooperation. The results also indicated that students enjoyed and appreciated the Web Quest technique. Additionally, students recognized the importance of using mobile devices as tools for education purposes, and acquired the values of group collaboration.

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