Mapping Communicative Relations in the News

Ricardo Uhry, Kati Caetano


The article proposes a conception that starts from interactive communication, presents a contextual view, considers the mediations and the semiotic regimes of interaction, formulating an overview of the communication process from which we arrive at the Map of communicative relations. The methodological approach is essayistic and uses, as a source of evidence of the applications, documentations available on the web and bibliographical references. The results highlight the relationships that are established and that can be visually formalized and located on the Map of communicative relations, and it is suggested that the empirically: Agency Lupa, The Learning Network, Art dreams us and Pantanal besieged may be related to education, information, experimentation, and art and contribute to the revitalization of the news discourse. It is possible to make use of different possibilities and locate them visually on the Map, which can contribute to face the news challenges related to de journalist crisis.

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