Stress and Burnout among Preretirement Employee in Hospital at 10th of Ramadan City

Eman S. Abd Allah, Samia S. Hassan Hussein, Hanaa K. Farag, Mervat E. Ibrahim


Employees are at high risk for stress and burnout. The aim of this study was to assess job stressors and burnout among employees in hospital at Tenth of Ramadan city. Design: cross-sectional descriptive design. Setting: the National Health Insurance Hospital at 10th of Ramadan city. Samples: convenience sample consisted of 100 employees. Tools: a self-administered questionnaire including scales for job stress and strain, burnout, and coping strategies, in addition to socio-demographic data was used in data collection. Results: the majority of the nurses were younger than 30 years (78%), with diploma degree (93%), and insufficient income (69%). More nurses had high exposure to stressors (49%), than strains (19%), and 20% had high burnout. Conclusion: the coping strategy most commonly used was effective behavioral confrontation. Nurses’ stress, strain, and burnout are strongly correlated and are influenced by personal factors such as age, qualification, experience, and residence, as well as job factors such as work hours, income, and the use of ineffective coping. Recommendations: the hospital administration should deal with and periodic assess the job factors underlying nurses’ stress and burnout. Further research is proposed to investigate the effectiveness of changing work environment factors and nursing care system on nurses’ burnout.

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