Rereading the Classics: Cognition and Practice of Goodness

Shen Qunying, Mu Dan


The issue of the good and the evil has always been the moral cultivation discussed by ancient-modern and Chinese-foreign scholars, whose works are the wisdom treasures and classics. In the 21st century with the emergence of various problems such as the environmental deterioration, global warming, regional conflicts, epidemics and other uncertainty, it is of immeasurable significance to rereading many works for the reflection and interpretation of goodness implication so that their excellent traditional culture on goodness can continue to nourish and enlighten today’s moral education, and awaken a moral consciousness to have habitual memory and cognition of goodness, to stick to good will and do good deeds to commit to improving people’s well-being. It’s more important for global people through interpretations in cultural inheritance to set up a universal concept and standard on goodness to standardize human thoughts and behavior, which are certain to contribute to solution to the above problems and the construction of social harmony and a community with a shared future for mankind.

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