“Truth and Mystery”: Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth and the Research on Overseas Establishment of Chinese Image

Peishen Zhou, Dan Cui


This paper aims to analyze the issue if Pearl S. Buck conveys an authentic image of China in The Good Earth by composing typical and important aspects ranging from the life of Chinese lower class to the their spiritual status through realistic style. This article reflects its mysterious characteristics by analyzing Buck’s writing of Chinese exoticism and spiritual simplicity and plainness in the novel. Meanwhile, through the exploration of the harsh social conditions, the physical and mental suffering of social oppression, and the tragic fate under the feudal foolishness, Peal tries to find out the true side of China. In addition, through further study, it is found out that Pearl’s portraying of China is featured with waving position: a sense of fusion of and contradiction between mystery and authenticity, thus presenting a contradictory and compatible image of China.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/csm.v5n3p59


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