Is Reflexive Modernization also an Important Topic among Adolescents within Risk Zones. And Does it also Have Influence on the Further Biographical Unfolding?

Lillian Lundstrøm, Lisbet Oeygard


The Alternative School Day (ASD) is a project for adolescents who have difficulties in several arenas. The pupils attended ASD one day per week, and the content in the program is more practical adjusted. Inclusion as a principle are formulated in the educational legislation in many countries throughout the world; however, different special initiatives may have shown positive effects on adolescence in risk zones. Some theorists have emphasized that the normal school is based on middle class values, and for pupils with other class backgrounds, the school, represent “represent an away ground”. Further, we have debated whether reflexive modernization is an important topic also in the general knowledge within the society nowadays, with globalization, extended consumption and several risks associated with the modern society. And we are questioning whether the students could experience the immersive turning points and fateful moment in the biography, where they actually started to look upon themselves as clever and competences pupils, while attending in the ASD.

The positive attention and expectation from the teachers, as well as the tasks were more practical oriented, represented the core factors in the positive outcome measures found through this study.

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