The Effect of Distance Teaching on Academic Achievement in the Online Course of Introduction to Computers Science

Ying-Sheng Kuo


For distance teaching, if the teacher can obtain the predicted scores that students may obtain in the final exam at this time, the students whose predicted scores do not meet the standard can be found. Teachers can strengthen the teaching of this type of students in the teaching process, which will greatly improve the overall teaching efficiency of teachers. The target of this research is the students of the course of the “Introduction to Computers Science” at Open University of Kaohsiung. This course is a distance teaching based on online teaching, and the questionnaire and final test are also completed on line. A total of 95 students filled out the questionnaire online, accounting for 77.24% of the electives. This study aims to assess the measurement of students’ pre-learning computer experience, software operation ability, learning motivation, and computer attitude, and analyze their relationship with the performance of subsequent distance teaching on the course of the “Introduction to Computers Science”, and find a multiple regression model to predict student performance. It was found that a multiple linear regression model combining 7 independent variables was statistically significantly related to the final test scores.

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