Mathematics Teaching Competencies of Senior High School Teachers in the Lone Districts in the Province of Batangas City, Philippines: Basis for Direction on Continuing Education for the K to 12 Curriculum

Imelda M. Flores


Teaching competencies of the senior high school Mathematics teachers in Lone Districts in Batangas City Philippines were assessed. It looked into their personal and professional profile along with their teaching competencies which includes dedication to teaching, knowledge of subject matter, classroom organization and management, instructional organization and management, instructional implementation, and monitoring student progress and potential. Comparison of responses among administrators and mathematics teachers were also considered. Results of which were used as basis for direction on continuing education that can be pursued for the successful implementation of K to 12 Curriculum. The study used the descriptive method of research. Questionnaire was used as the main data gathering instrument. The entire population of mathematics teachers and administrator which comprise of 41 teachers and 21administrators in Lone Districts in the Province of Batangas City Division participated in the study. Frequency/percentage, weighted mean, and comparison of means were used to statistically treat the data. Majority of the Mathematics teachers were female and married while most of them were in age bracket of 29-35, have master’s unit, teaching for 10 years and above and have attended at least 6-10 related seminars for the last 3 years. Generally, the mathematics teachers are competent as assessed by two groups of respondents. Same was found when mathematics teachers were grouped according to their profile variables where they were found to be more competent in monitoring student progress and potential but less competent in terms of knowledge of subject matter. The researcher recommended possible directions on continuing education that could be pursued by the mathematics teachers thereby enhancing their competencies to ensure successful implementation of K to 12 Curriculum.

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