Quest of Transitioning towards Socialism: Concept Here-so-forth & Course That Nepal Should Command Ahead

Atindra Dahal


Socialism is one of the key phrases on political landscape across the world, at current time. Among few major buzzwords in global politics of this century, i.e., Nation Building, State Re-structuring, Advanced Democracy, Welfare State, Public Sovereignty, and so on, currently, socialism also has been sufficiently dragging the attention of the politicians, political scientists, scholars and/or researchers in domain of Political/Social Science.

All the pro-progressive scholars and politicians urge in adopting socialism orientated advancement in each sector or domain of the society including education, health, economy, governance, judiciary, bureaucracy and so on. But, there is an evident lacuna in exploring the commencement and progress track-record of socialism in terms of both practice and acknowledgement. A clearly comprehensible and communicative blueprint of-long waited and highly touted-socialism prone society is still an absolute missing. Nepal is no longer an exception with the situation of being at this sheer crossroad. 

Thus, this paper digs out the origin of socialism along with its base concept and gradual development of practice across the world. Further, major features that Nepal ought to embody for pro-socialism transformation as well as political activities and societal reflection prone to socialism will be minutely unearthed here on.

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