How the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Influences Work and Private Life

David Novak


The purpose is about the influence of ICT on increasing the efficiency and performance of employees, the workload and the increasing complexity of the requirements and the constantly increasing pressure to perform at all employee levels.

The used methodology is as follows: An evaluation of the scientific literature is carried out here. The point of departure of the considerations is the fact that the ICT changes the world and with it also the professional and private life of the users.

The results of the analysis show a constantly changing environment, which is both cause and effect of the changes.

The influence of the ICT on people is given, no matter if it concerns direct users or indirect affected persons. This relationship must be realized and further investigated. Employers should generally note that the actual work changes massively for their own employees. Interestingly, it does not play a significant role in how far they systematically deal with hardware and software. Future research has to deal much more with the consequences of constantly changing boundary conditions. This includes the efficiency measurement through ICT use, which is completely missing so far.

The ICT has a massive impact on all people, regardless of whether they like it or not and whether or not they handle it themselves.

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