The Effect of Real Exchange Rate on Current Account

Moaned Talib Al-Hamdi, Mahmood Alshammari, Mohammad Alawin


This research studies the impact of real Gross Domestic Production (GDP) and real exchange rate on the Current Account position in Jordan, during the quarterly periods from 2008 to 2022. The study reviews the literature on the theoretical framework around the impact of real GDP and fluctuations of the real exchange rate on the current account status. This study describes the performance of the current account during the study period and applies the appropriate econometric tests to an economic model. The main results show a significant, positive effect of real GDP growth in improving the status and sustainability of the current account; output growth indicates an increase in production leading to higher levels of exports and lower levels of imports. The results did not show a significant effect of the real exchange rate on the current account position, which is largely attributed to the stabilization policy of exchange rate pursued by the Central Bank of Jordan since October 1995.

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