Investigating the Impact of Neuromarketing on Consumer Purchase Intention (Case Study of Sports Goods Customers in Ardabil City)

Mehrdad Moharramzadeh, Abbas Naghizadeh Baghi, Akbar Mahdavi


The purpose of this research was to investigate the effect of neuromarketing on consumer purchase intention (a case study of sports goods customers in Ardabil city). The current research is applied research in terms of purpose and descriptive-analytical in terms of nature and content. Also, the present research is of causal modeling type or structural equation modeling type. The statistical population of this research includes all private sports clubs and sellers of sports goods in Ardabil city, which due to the unavailability of the study population, the statistical population was determined to be unlimited. Considering that the statistical population is unlimited, the sample size was determined to be 352 people. Also, the sampling method of the present study was clustered. The measurement tools include neuromarketing questionnaire (Azeimi et al., 2014) and consumer purchase intention questionnaire (Mahdavi, 2015). The content and form validity of the questionnaires were confirmed by the management professors and then Cronbach's alpha reliability (AVE) was reported as 0.83 for the neuromarketing questionnaire and 0.88 for the consumer purchase intention questionnaire, respectively. The method of analyzing the information and data of this research is using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics and In order to analyze the hypotheses of the research, the method of structural equations was used using Imus version 23 and SPSS version 19 software. The findings of the research showed that neuromarketing has an effect on the purchase intention of sports goods consumers. Therefore, it can be concluded that the use of neuromarketing can affect the senses and minds of customers and prepare the minds of consumers for repeat purchases so that they intend to buy sports products again.

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