Aesthetics and the African Women’s Lives Drama

Edeh, Peter Daniel


The philosophy that deals with the theory of beauty and ugliness is called Aesthetics. It examines the creation, appreciation, evaluation, interpretation and critique of works of art. In the same vein African women’s live drama appreciates, creates, evaluates, criticizes, interprets and expresses her feelings with regards to the works of arts as it is viewed expressed in the live style of every woman. This paper identifies among others, crops of women, moderate and radical women as well as orthodox or traditional women who accept the traditional position of women but press for peaceful coexistence in spite of men and women distinction. It takes cognisance of the wind of modernity from the west as it affects the African woman. This paper is a critical examination of Aesthetics and the African women’s world view and in appreciation of other world views. While the paper identifies certain problems in women’s lives drama generally it concludes with possible suggestion as it lays much emphasis on African culture and tradition for African Aesthetics.

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