Economic History and Philosophy, Summaries of the Autumn 2018-Spring 2019 WAEHS

James E Curtis Jr


Curtis Jr (2018) provides exhibits from January 4-7, 2018 American Economic Association, in coordination with the Allied Social Sciences Association Conference, in Philadelphia, PA, witb four tables describing i. a dictionary of higher education research products, ii. applied research conference and journal publication systems, and iii. empirical labor market studies. Curtis Jr (2019) provides summaries from the 2018-2019 Washington Area Economic History Seminar, WAEHS, hosted by American University, Washington DC USA, and George Mason University, Arlington VA USA, with three exhibits for each of the four seminars, i. the flyer from American University Department of Economics, ii. the paper abstracts from author’s and presenters, with the theme of Economic History, from presenters invited from colleges and universities throughout the USA, and iii. the seminar summaries of Curtis Jr (2019), using a research archivist sequence of information. Contributions of Curtis Jr (2019) include I. a brief history of four philosophers, II. the economic demography of US political parties, III. an asymmetry hypothesis in labor market interventions, where high skilled labor are sub-grouped disenfranchised, and IV. a restatement of the political economy modes of production.

The attendees of the history seminar included, i. college/university faculty, ii. federal government economic researchers, and iii. private sector economic history researchers. Curtis Jr (2019) divided the presentation of this paper into 5 sections, (1) an introduction to the history of the theory of knowledge, i.e., Philosophy, of collegiate topics, i.e., economic history, (2) comparisons to the Economic History Association and WAEHS exhibits, (3) Research Observations by Curtis Jr (2019), (4) Results and Conclusion, and (5) Research References.

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