The Third Attempt. A New Chance for an Idealist Philosophy

Nándor Sztankó


The message of total non-universality (both sensible content and concept as such are evalued as non-universal) is incompatible with human nature. From this, the exceptional character of my philosophical venture is derived. Essentially, it is a problem of communication. Hence, it is a didactical construction which is central to my paper. The crucial importance of two simple assertions must be emphasized:

1)         A finite extension is not divisible infinitely (proposed by Berkeley and Hume)

2)         The line does not consist of points (proposed by Hegel)

The above two assertions may be called the hard core of idealist philosophy. Both are instrumental in the conception of original environment. Being tied to the original environment is the outstanding fact that explains why the sensible content should be qualified as non-universal.

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