Culture Level Quotient

Hugh Ching, Chien Yi Lee, Mahadi Hasan, Benjamin Li


The world is changing for the purpose of progress. It is important for a person, a people or a nation to know the direction and the desirability of the change. A comparison of different cultures and knowledge advancements around the world and cultures throughout history provides some guideline for the change. From the perspective of the knowledge advancement of the historical past and the post-scientific vision of knowledge of the expected future, the concept of culture can serve as an overall measure of the quality of a person, a people or a nation. One’s beliefs can provide indications to one’s cultural level. The knowledge vision of post-science fuzzy logic extends 4,000 years into the future and can serve as a guide to the cultural development of the future. 2,000 years ago, morality culminated in religion, which dominated human culture in the West for over a millennium and was taken over by science in the past 500 years. Rigorous training in mathematics is needed in the next 500 years for social science, which involves the infinite future and is, therefore, not subject to empirical verification, for the infinite future will never arrive. The acceptance of solutions in social science depends on complete mathematical rigor. Rigorous training in logic is needed in the next 1,000 years for the unlimited complexity in life science, which deals with the creation of permanent entities, such as DNA, and whose solutions are accepted based on complete logic. The Age of Robotics will occupy the next 1,000 years, when robots will be intelligent machines with the capability of interact safely with uncontrolled environments. The Age of Self-Creation from 4,000 AD to 5,000 AD will reveal from the design specification of mankind’s self-creation the meaning of life and the purpose of existence. Post-Science Fuzzy Logic will occupy from 5,000 AD to 6,000 AD and will sacrifice precision in the process of expanding the range of tolerance of a creation in order for the creation to survive and flourish for all the possibilities of an uncertain future. The total of 6,000 years of recorded history to 6,000 AD will enable mankind to establish a new religion based on knowledge, replacing the supernatural beliefs of the current religion. In 4,000 years, a new Religion of Knowledge will completely replace current traditional Religion of Faith, but as soon as the Religion of Knowledge is established, leading thinkers of society will start to criticize it, as the Religion of Faith is criticized by the current not-yet-mature Religion of Science. Post-science speculates that human knowledge in the Religion of Knowledge might be replaced, say, by alien technology, when aliens find human cultural level high enough to communicate. Post-science also includes practical innovations on Intergalactic Communication based on the newly invented I Ching Numeral and completely automated Universal Permanent Software. Post-science is knowledge beyond science, one of the immediate goals of Culture Level Quotient is to restore philosophy back to its rightful place, on the center stage of knowledge, which is now occupied by science, which lacks the consideration of value and the understanding of the permanent nature of the living system.

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