A Philosophical Reexamination of Durkheim’s Socio-political Deviation

John Zijiang Ding


Durkheim’s theory of deviation has powerfully influenced the scholars of sociology. His idea is still one of the fundamental theories in sociology. Durkheim’s whole investigation is threefold: first, to establish a framework of theory; second, to solidify it once established; and third, to promote its greater perfection. In general, Durkheim’s establishment of this framework was fruitful. This paper attempts: 1) to re-formalize the rules of socio-political deviation; 2) to re-correlate socio-political deviation and other socio-political phenomena; 3) to re-justify the necessity and causality of socio-political deviation. We can concede that Durkheim was an original deviser of a blueprint for a new theoretical mansion, but at the same time, one should realize that he was also a failure as a builder of this construction.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jrph.v4n3p24


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