Techne’s Twofold Effects: Revelation and Manifestation as Factors in Its Practical Applications

Theodore John Rivers


Although it might be said that techne describes a mechanism that concerns all practical endeavors, it could also be said that the result of techne’s twofold effects concern the being of reality. Regardless of how reality is conceived, it may be described as the convergence of humanity (subjects) and the world (objects) within the context of the former’s practicality that indicates a process of becoming. The first of these effects concerns the idea of revelation that is essential as the cause of any manifestation, and the second of these effects concerns manifestation as the fulfillment of any revelation. Nevertheless, revelation is more important because not only is it a cause, it is also demonstrative of a process in which manifestation occurs. Due to the difference between these two effects, this mechanism is indicative of the innate relationship between what is (being) and what could be (becoming) from neither (non-being). Techne contains an intensity of far-reaching possibilities that reveals and manifests a process of becoming that is projected, when practically applied, as the purpose of its being. In this sense, it is the seminal word for any technological endeavor.

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