Frankenstein’s Revenge: Hegemony of Post-Human Spectacles in Golden Fleece

Yanling Li


The rapid development of image media today has been reinforcing what Guy Debord argued as society of spectacle. Ubiquitous visual advertising marks that spectacle has invaded diverse aspects of today’s life. The alienated labor relations proposed by Marx are once again simulated into a pseudo-desire structure guided by consumption symbols. Robert J. Sawyer’s Golden Fleece is even set in a post-human world where a society of spectacle has achieved its full maturity. Seeing from Guy Debord’s theory of spectacle society, this paper analyzes how spectacle seizes hegemony over human in future post-human world by means of coercive monologues and history-denying. Moreover, this paper further liberates science fiction from the anthropocentric perspective and discusses the identity of artificial intelligence in post-human era.

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