Philosophical Questions Concerning the Anthropocene and the Plasticene to ChatGPT and the Moderate Perspectives Derived from Their Responses

Shunji Furukuma


ChatGPT, an AI (artificial intelligence) model developed by OpenAI was posed various philosophical questions about the Anthropocene and the Plasticene. The model opined that the naming of the Anthropocene holds significance, that the term Plasticene accurately encapsulates contemporary realities, that the expansion of the concept, such as through the lens of plastic ecology, will foster further study, that plastic rocks are important from the perspective of the Earth’s environment, and that although no one sees the Anthropocene in the traditional sense, future scientists may glean insights into the impacts of humankind’s activities from geological samples. From these moderate responses, we may have the utility to modify our opinions and create opportunities for novel anthropological questions.

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