Intellectual Property the Russian Professional Football as an Object of Management System in Virtual Space: Main Provisions of a Business Model

Gjusel Isaevna Gumerova, Elmira Shamilevna Shaimieva


In terms of the development of intellectual property market in virtual spaces,
of Russia
’s preparations for the FIFA World Cup 2018 the questions of the
business model of the Russian professional football acquired research relevance.

The study poses and solves five research tasks
: 1. To generate the main provisions
of objects of intellectual property of the football club for managing in the real and
virtual spaces
; 2. To justify the need for specific and versatile regulation of
intellectual property objects
; 3. To show the turnover of the Russian market of
professional football
; 4. To justify the need of regulation the relationship of football
to the income (profits) in the legal form
; 5. To develop the main provisions of the
business model of Russian professional football
. General scientific methods of
theoretical and empirical knowledge; the evaluation methodology of management
of objects of intellectual property.
In the studyare developed: the main principles of
the business model of the Russian professional football on the basis of a
management system of intellectual property in the real and virtual spaces;

institutional provisions of the business model. Practical results may be used in
the practice of sports management for the Russian professional football.

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