Measuring Mediating Effects of Intrapreneurship Mindset and Skills on Organizational Performance and Growth: An Empirical Investigation on Indigenous Organizations in Sri Lanka

Dhameeth, G.S., Diaz, L., Pieries, W.N.J


A well-crafted human resource strategy to nurture a corporate culture that helps cultivate risk-taking intrapreneurs is conducive for the success of the indigenous corporation in Sri Lanka. However, compared to multinational organizations, the implementation and measurement of employee’s risk-taking readiness in indigenous enterprises, especially when introducing new business ventures, is lacking. Hence, this study aims to investigate how the intrapreneurial mindset and skills of employees in indigenous organizations are nurtured to influence organizational performance and growth. An online survey was administered using a random sample of 322 respondents selected from various indigenous business organizations registered at the Department of Registration of Companies, Sri Lanka. Data suggests that strategic human resource management activities at indigenous business organizations in Sri Lanka influence organizational performance and intrapreneurial skills and mindset. The findings make an important contribution to the existing body of literature by bridging the gap, establishing the importance of strategic human resource management. One of the limitations this study encountered was the number of elements selected to investigate in the overall HR process. This study has significant practical implications for senior managers and human resource managers in designing policies for indigenous organizations in Sri Lanka.

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