A Study on Improving the Level of Youth Sports Competition and Promoting the Integration of Sports and Education in Shijiazhuang

Xiaohong Min, Jinxuan Wang


In September 2020, the State General Administration of Sports and the Ministry of Education jointly issued the Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Sports and Education for the Healthy Development of Youth (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”), which put forward a series of initiatives to promote the development of physical health of youth and improve the development of competitive sports, and improve the system of youth sports events, which pointed out the aspects of the integration of sports and education in our city. The significance of the integration of sports and education lies in the integration of the training of athletic talent into the national education system of the new era. Youth sports talent is the reserve army of China’s sports career, is an important support for a strong sports country. In order to realize the deep integration of sports and education, it is necessary to improve the sports competition system and integrate it. Sports competition, as an important part of social culture, has an important role in uplifting the national spirit, strengthening the national body and promoting the national spirit. It is an important platform to connect with the international community and conduct exchanges. Jian ming Li: deputy director of the State General Administration of Sports, also emphasized that “competition is a lever to pry the popularity of youth sports, a yardstick to test the results of sports training, and a booster to promote the training of reserve talents in competitive sports.” It shows that sports competition is an important symbol to lead the integration of sports and education and plays a commanding role. This paper uses survey method, literature method, and logical analysis method to research and summarize. In the study, it is found that the integration of sports and education has the characteristics of hierarchy, difference and delay, so in the process of developing measures and implementation must make effective countermeasures for the key combination points and avoid one-size-fits-all. To distinguish the differences and links between competitive sports, social sports and school sports, to carry out organic integration can not be rushed. Competition is the platform, participation is the purpose, education is the means. The development of competitive sports drives the participation of social sports, social sports guide the orderly development of school sports. Therefore, in order to solidly promote the integration of sports and education, this paper makes suggestions for improving the city’s youth sports competition system from five aspects: improving the event system, coordinating the development of multiple sectors, improving the investment in sports competition, integrating the sports industry and creating a good campus competition atmosphere. In this process, education and sports departments should work together for the overall design of the development and implementation of the sports competition system, the overall promotion and effective implementation of the real sports and education are not separated. To provide theoretical support and help for the perfection and formation of the system of youth sports competition in the new era.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/rhs.v8n1p46


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