Plastic Surgeries as Part of the Culture Industry in Jordanian Society: A Qualitative Study in the City of Amman

Yasmin Imad Qarida Abu Aisheh, Mohammed Fayez Al-Tarawneh


The study aimed to identify the reason why females tend to perform plastic surgeries for cosmetic purposes and to identify the social and economic characteristics of the study sample.

The study population included females who had at least one cosmetic surgery in Amman. The qualitative approach was used in this study.

The study results were based on the following: an effect on the psychological factor, age, scientific and technological development which led to low risk, Media, and means of communication. Social, stereotypical society, friends, relatives and the surrounding environment in increasing the turnout of girls and their orientation towards cosmetic surgery, while there was no trace of each resemblance to a certain figure and the job title to guide the young and attract them to perform beautification.

The study also recommended the following: create programs about the risks of plastic surgeries to raise awareness among people, further studies on plastic surgery, as there is a lack of Arabic sources, research and studies on this subject, as there are no statistics for plastic surgeries in Jordan.

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