A Comparative Study on the Consciousness of the Chinese Nation Community of College Students in the New Era of National Traditional Sports

Yunfei Liu, Xuemei Qiu


It is the fundamental intention of ethnic work in the new era to forge the consciousness of the Chinese nation community, and it is the main line of work to maintain the unity and stability of the motherland. The national traditional sports are the “living” soul with national cultural characteristics and national historical factors formed by the ancestors of ethnic minorities in the long history. It has a natural advantage for casting the consciousness of the Chinese nation community of college students. In the development and teaching of traditional ethnic sports in colleges and universities, not only can minority college students enhance the historical identity, spiritual identity and cultural identity of the Chinese nation community consciousness, but also non-minority college students can cultivate the Chinese nation community consciousness and consciously practice its purpose and requirements. In the new era, colleges and universities must give full play to the leading role of colleges and universities, the main role of college students and the guarantee role of the state and society through national traditional sports to strengthen the consciousness of the Chinese national community of college students, so as to inject inexhaustible power into the cause of national unity.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/rhs.v8n2p34


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