Research Progress of Drinking Water and Trace Elements in KBD Area

Tianjiao Huang, Jiushe Kou


Kaschin-beck disease (KBD) is an endemic, chronic, and deformable osteochondral disease characterized by multiple degenerations and deep cell necrosis of epiphysis, epiphysis, and articular cartilage. The disease mainly affects children and adolescents aged 5-15, is concentrated in northeast and southwest China, involving 15 provinces, and extends into southeastern Siberia and North Korea. Although the etiology and pathogenesis of KBD are still not very clear, in recent years, more breakthroughs have been made in the supplement and update of its biogeochemical theory, especially in the analysis of hydrochemical characteristics and the study of the role of selenium and iodine in the pathogenic factors of KBD. Therefore, the present research results on the environmental geographical factors of Kashin-beck disease are reviewed in this paper.

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