Comprehensive Evaluation of Healthcare Associated Infection Surveillance System

Yang Zhou, Genlin Yang, Ping Shao, Yan Cui


Background & objectives: The electronic surveillance system has been applied in healthcare associated infection surveillance. We conducted an evaluation of the real-time healthcare associated infection surveillance system (RT-HAISS) to understand the early warning effect.

Methods: We evaluated our RT-HAISS on a dataset of 29074 patients at the Wuxi traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) hospital in 2020, encompassing sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value, Youden index and false alarm rate.

Results: 466 HAIs were confirmed in this hospital in 2020, The RT-HAISS warned the monitors a total of 1715 cases, with 2040 early warning entries and 1736 false alarm entries. The sensitivity and the specificity were 65.24% and 95.74%, respectively. The Youden index was 0.62. In addition, the positive predictive value was 14.90%, and the negative predictive value was 83.86%, with 85.10% of false alarm rate.

Conclusion: The RT-HAISS is an important technical mean for healthcare associated infection surveillance, it’s necessary to further explore the improvement of real-time surveillance system.

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