The Investigation on Solution for Diseases Caused by Contingent Work

Mo Wang, Fengmei Hou, Bowen Hou, Junqi Wang


Contingent work was deemed as a precarious employment which could be characterised by an atypical, temporary and marginal form of work arrangement. There is increasing evidence that contingent employment is significantly associated with adverse health outcomes and three health outcomes will be expounded in this paper: depressive disorders, work-related fatigue and occupational injuries. Simultaneously, fruitful micro-and macro-level precautionary and recovery measures are also be provided, including application of positive psychology interventions (PPI strategies), amelioration of work environments and social support, establishment of a fatigue risk management system (FRMS), and development of multifaceted approaches. Furthermore, various recommendations will be afforded to improve the sustainability and practicability of the aforementioned measures in the future research. Overall, the effective implementation of precautions aimed at health promotion and injury prevention for temporary workforce is of paramount importance to the healthy development of the nation.

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