Study on De-gendering Rape Crime

Zize Zhang, Yujun Cong


At present, our criminal legislation stipulates that the object of rape crime is only adult female and female, the subject of crime in addition to joint crime and indirect crime can be female the rest of the male, this recognition is gradually behind the social practice. In addition to men and women, intersex people and transgender people are increasingly appearing in the public eye, and their rights should also be protected. Serious assaults on men and other gender people, such as rape, are not suitable for the crime of forcible indecency. Rape only protect women’s sexual autonomy to no longer meet the needs of reality, also lags behind other typical countries or regions of the act, the gender differences cannot be does not constitute a rape, the premise of any gender can be the object of crime and the crime of rape, which is reflect equality, guarantee of human rights.

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