A Study on the Psychological Characteristics and Intervention of “Lie Flat” Young College Students in Xi’an China

Enzheng Deng, Xiaoxi Lu, Feiyan Ning, Zilin Ke


In the past two years, the term “Lying flat” has become popular rapidly. Lacking willpower, academic anxiety, employment pressure and other factors are the reasons for young people gradually lying flat. In order to escape the standard of success of social monism, people who immersed in the virtual world isolated themselves in the personal world. In order to ignore the external voices, they covered their ears. Rather than say not caring about the outside world’s opinions, they are more likely to be stubborn in their own “Intention”. The times are progressing. Young people are also the followers of the times and the trailblazers in life. Our young people should strive for self-improvement, keep the fervour for life, and pay attention to the psychology of the “Lying down” young people, it is of great significance to interfere with the growth of “Lying flat” youth, we should face up to the spiritual essence reflected by the phenomenon of “Lying flat”. The posture of the striver is always the same in the turn of the times. It is necessary to create a fair competition environment, strengthen the psychological supervision of the youth, and establish correct values, thus helping the “Lying flat” youth change into the “Struggling” youth.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/rhs.v7n4p64


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