Comparison of Arrangements Manually Operated Health Records California and the Republic of Slovenia

Dr. Milena Marinic


Theoretical background: health documentation has since its beginnings in ancient Egypt, that 3000 years BC, a very varied. Even the ancient Greeks were writing the symptoms and treatments. After the year 1750 were in European hospitals to develop a systematic and objective records of diseases. The expansion of science is meant better value accurate medical records that are already in the sixteenth century as a result of the book cases, called Casebook, following the example of the legal profession. Methods: based on the analysis of foreign and domestic law have devised a comparison of Slovenian legal system for health records and the California legal act and seek deficiencies in domestic legislation in the field of management of health records. Results: comparison of domestic laws and foreign legal act, says the legal void in domestic law and hence disorderly conduct medical documentation. Discussion: keeping health records throughout history, with the development of science and research is changing. For the exercise of patients’ rights and their security, based on the health resords, managers need accurate guidance. Conclusion: to realization the patient’s rights and the rights of the operator documentation is very important. Important is also a record and storage of documents, which allows you to search documents.

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