An Experience at a Tertiary Level Hospital NRC in Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition in Children Aged between 6-59 Months Adopting World Health Organization Recommendations

S. Bharathi, K. Anuradha, J. Venkateshwar Rao


Objectives: To study the outcome indicators of a nutritional rehabilitation center and to assess its performance.

Design: Retrospective case study.

Period: One year period from Jan 2014 to Dec 2014.

Methods: Data of 254 children aged between 6-59 months with severe acute malnutrition admitted in nutritional rehabilitation center at department of pediatrics, Gandhi hospital, was analyzed retrospectively. Identification and treatment of severe acute malnutrition was done according to world health organization recommendations.

Results: The recovery rate, death rate, defaulter rate, mean (SD) weight gain & mean (SD) duration of stay in the nutritional rehabilitation center were 51.42%, 3.54%, 28.57%, 8g/kg/day, 14.2 days respectively.

Conclusions: Nutritional rehabilitation centers are effective in management of severe malnutrition and also in decreasing the case fatality rates.

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