Greening the Urban Transport System towards Achieving Sustainability

Polin Kumar Saha, Shahida Akhter


The transport system comes along with a broad range of sustainability issues, including environmental, social and economic stability of the transportation. As we are going through a new development paradigm with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), therefore, our urban transport system should now be green, that requires an alignment with the core purposes of several stakeholder groups. The study explores the stand point of the situation in the context of rapid urbanization and addresses the components of our urban transport systems. The study follows a qualitative approach to find out the possible answer considering the daily transport experiences of city dwellers. Urban transport system is considered as the study experimental unit and a sample of four Focused Group Discussions (FGDs) conducted within four groups of urban citizens-adult male, female, older and younger. Finally, the study experiences illustrate with many technical and non-technical strategic solutions, which might be implemented in the context of poor road infrastructure, technology, people’s desires, capital intensive nature and the overall the good governing system. With different approaches towards greening the transport system, research concludes that the non-technical review is more important and quicker solution than the technical solutions for Dhaka city.

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