Comparative Study on Advertising as a Means of Communications; its Issues and Characteristics

Mounir A. S.


This article is meant to provide some initial notions, materials, and concept for the study of advertising communication. It draws on advertising communication definitions. I analyzed vary definitions of advertising communications for English, Russian, and Arabic authors. I committed to bridging the gap between the huge body of research on advertising communications definitions. I am hoping that this lays a solid enough foundation for researchers to dig deeper into some of the issues brought up. The characteristics of advertising communication are particularly explained in the second half of the article. We need to understand how advertising communications work in order to arm ourselves with knowledge about practical forms of social communication. Advertising communications have an impact on our lives, our perspectives, and feelings. In addition to introducing researchers to the most crucial definitions of advertising communications, this article aims to teach them how to study, research, and investigate this field of communication as well as how it influences and shapes our social lives.

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