A Study on Application of Ideology of Power in Different News Genres Based on Van Dijk’s Theory of Ideology

Azadeh Keshvardoost


Studying news texts has been of interest of researches since some decades ago. However the researches and studies in this filed has been mostly focused on analyzing the news discourse and in some cases on compliance of linguistic principles. Almost all of these researches have been done without paying attention to the differences between different news fields (politic, economic, labor, cultural, international, sport, society and science) and all of them has been considered as one single type. This essay is due to study the effect of power relation in news discourse within Van Dijk’s theory of ideology and comparing it in different fields of news is the other goal of this research and in that framework, the relation of power will be studied in each of main genres and the result will be compared to recognize which field of news will be affected most by the relation of power and which of them will be affected less. This research will be done via analytic-descriptive method. The theoretical framework of this study is Van Dijk’s theory of ideology. Results show that the political news is affected by the relation of power most and scientific news is affected less.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/sll.v2n3p149


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