Analyzing “Other” Construction in Robinson Crusoe from Post Colonialism Perspective

Jiao Dan, Li Rui


This paper uses the theory of post-colonialism to do research on “Robinson Crusoe”, taking the geographical environment (the desert island) and nation (Friday and Robinson) as examples, analyzes the construction of the other. And the characters analyzing reflects colonialism, which leads people to ponder. This paper is divided into four parts. The first part is introduction, in the first part, the author mainly introduces the background of “Robinson Crusoe”, the relevant post-colonialism theory, the theory of “others” proposed by Zhu Yuande (2007), as well as the current situation and purpose of the research. The second part is to analyze the two protagonists, Robinson and Friday, which reflects colonialism thought. The third part analyzes the construction of the other in “Robinson Crusoe” from two aspects: they are the geographical environment and the nation. The last part is conclusion.

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