Rediscovering the Nuances of Teacher Reflection in the Era of Cultural Imperialism: Some Insights on the Cultural Awareness into Learning Solutions and Learner Strategies in the Second Language Curriculum

Mangalaprathaban Muralidharan


The idea of teacher reflection is always relevant in order to create cultural awareness on various types of learning solutions and learner strategies being recommended to the second language learners in the ESL curriculum studies. The pedagogic dimensions of cultural imperialism are yet to be actualized in the core tenets of second language curriculum development in the era of Electronic Colonialism. This research article aims at improvement of the existing set of learning teaching practices prevalent in the traditional canon with a scope for multicultural interface and inclusive curriculum whereby subaltern cultures and their curricula (or the curricula of the oppressed) will be taken up as part of mainstream academic discourse in the educational institutions across the third world and other international educational institutions.

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