A Study of Anxiety and Redemption in Gerard Manley Hopkins’ Poems

Ziying Zhan, Dan Cui


This paper aims to interpret the anxiety caused by the industrial revolution and how people sought redemption from religion and nature to alleviate spiritual suffering, from the perspective of Gerard Manley Hopkins. The author analyzed the feelings of anxiety generated by the overall social context, due to the impact of the industrial revolution on the environment, human beliefs, and the human body. Meanwhile, the author endeavors to explain that in the process of seeking redemption, it is necessary to affirm the existence of God, pay high respect to Jesus Christ’s selfless dedication, and still maintain trust in God, even though faith may be impacted. Ultimately, this benefits individuals and society as a whole. Essentially, Hopkins calls for people to return to nature, restore their connection with nature, and renew their spirit in order to redeem humanity.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/sll.v7n2p75


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