Cultural Values of Life in Charles Dickens’s and Lu Xun’s Works: A Comparative Study

Hanhao Lu


Dickens wrote during the Victorian era in England, a time of industrialization and social changes, while Lu Xun wrote during China’s early 20th century, marked by political turmoil and the transition to modernity. The essay explores the socioeconomic backgrounds of the authors, the portrayal of characters and their struggles, the impact of industrialization and modernization, and the reflection of cultural values and morality. Despite the differences in time and place, both authors address social injustices, advocate for compassion, and challenge prevailing norms. Through their works, readers gain insights into the complexities of their respective eras, the universal human experiences, and the enduring relevance of their literary legacies. The comparative analysis sheds light on the cultural values that shaped their times and invites readers to reflect on the past in shaping a better future.

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