An Investigation on the Multiple Intelligences of English Major Undergraduates in a University in Jiangxi Province

Yulan Lin, Qingsheng Lu


The Multiple Intelligences theory is composed of eight various intelligence, which concludes all aspects of human beings. Every individual has a different degree of these eight intelligences, but these eight intelligences are conducive to the overall development of persons and are in line with the current talent training goals of college English majors. So as to make better use of Multiple Intelligences theory in college English majors’ teaching, this paper did a survey of multiple intelligences to English major students in a university of Jiangxi Province. The results reveal that the level of multiple intelligences of English majors in the university is in a general state, and their weaknesses intelligence and superior intelligence are music intelligence and naturalist intelligence respectively. What’s more, the results provide three aspects of enlightenments for a better use of Multiple Intelligences for further college teaching: based on students’ current multiple intelligences; make use of students’ learning styles and learning strategies; enable students to get overall development. It is hoped that the article could offer some inspiration to current teaching of English majors in universities, and also provide some new ideas for better use of the teaching method guided by the theory of Multiple Intelligences.

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