A Brief Analysis of the Aesthetic Effect of Wu Nong Soft Language in Lu Wenfu’s Novels

Wang Fengjing


When lu Wenfu, a contemporary writer, began to write novels in the 1950s, he set his foot in suzhou, an ancient and deep modern city. His novels focus on the characters in suzhou’s alleys, winding and quiet alleys, with the most ordinary ordinary people as the protagonist, so he is called “Lu Suzhou”. “Wunong Soft language” is one of lu Wenfu’s ways of expressing the regional culture of Suzhou, and “Wunong soft language” is just a symbol of suzhou people’s elegance and gentleness. The wu dialect reflect the softness and delicacy of Suzhou people incisively and vividly. It has a unique aesthetic effect.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/sll.v6n2p1


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