An Investigation of Speech Acts Types Used in the Last Sermon of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

Tahany Mohammed Ismail Munazil, Luqman M Rababah


The types of speech acts in Prophet Mohammed's farewell sermon were investigated in this study. The last sermon of Prophet Mohammed was analyzed using the speech acts theory in this qualitative case study. According to the analysis, the sermon contains a variety of speech acts. Directives, assertives, commissives, declaratives, and expressives were the speech acts used in this sermon. This study is significant because the speaker is well-known, piquing the interest of many readers. Furthermore, because the sermon is clear and full of logical sentences, many readers, such as politicians, speechmakers, and researchers, may benefit from the choice of words or the structure of the sermon. Furthermore, this research is important for linguists and researchers. Furthermore, this study is significant for linguists and researchers because it examined the sermon from previously overlooked perspectives.

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