Tranquilizing Forgivable Feuds between Frank Chin and Maxine Hong Kingston to Establish the Group Identities of Chinese Americans

He Yinhua, Luo Jun


In the midst of seeking for the true cultural identification of entire Chinese Americans, imaginative discrepancies cropped up in the actual aesthetic and artistic production of Chinese American literature due to the inconsistent insistence of the cultural stances exemplified in the aesthetic and artistic articulation of the true cultural values and cultural virtues in the diverse and distinctive production of Chinese American literary works. Among those discrepancies between either two of various Chinese American writers, those between Frank Chin and Maxine Hong Kingston has stirred a great sensation in the forum of Chinese American literature because of the persistence of the former in positive protection of the masculinity of Chinese American men and the ongoing insistence of the latter on the negative promotion of it from the perspective of feminism without knowing in a very clear fashion that their inconsistence led to the strong feud between them and the harm it has done to the establishment of the cultural identity of Chinese Americans. Indebted to the insights carried in the group identities proposed by Henry Tajfel and John Turner (1979), this article will make a rational comparison between what they have sticked to in a respective fashion and come up with the point that the feud between them are forgivable and forgettable as what they have done is very valuable for the improvement of the true social, cultural, and, ethnic identities of Chinese Americans who are composed of both Chinese American men and Chinese American women to deal with the great danger into which all Chinese Americans have been thrown into due to the excessive popularization of the social, cultural, and, ethnic discrimination of the entire ethnic group of Chinese Americans in Chinese American community.

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