Analysis on the Interactive Embodiment of the East and West Values of Life in Chinese and American Movies

Zhongtang Wei


The discussion of the contents and differences and interrelations of east and west values has been keeping on for a long time and has made much progress. But few studies have done on the interactive embodiment of the east and west values. The paper illustrated, under the background of economic globalization and cultural communication; firstly, the traditional embodiment of east values in Chinese movies and west values in American movies; secondly and more specifically, the interactive embodiment of the east and west values of life in Chinese and American movies. Through the lens of movies, we can behold the inner secrets of different values, which are demonstrated in distinct perspectives like the subtle and implicit plots. It is expected that, when we compare the values in two countries and cultures, we will be more aware of our own cultures. We could be capable to grasp in our cultures what we are good at and what we should be better, which further would help us enhance the confidence of our own cultures and values and learn from others better to refine and improve the development of our traditional cultures and then to spread it more and better to the whole world.

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