Research on Cultural Development of Characteristic Towns in China

Chengxin Wang


Under the background of new-type urbanization, based on local culture, economy, science and technology, innovative-type small towns have become a major trend in social development. With the rapid development of characteristic towns in different areas, the construction of towns are also faced with many problems. For example, unitary cultural features, excessively apparent similarities, backward ideological and cultural construction have led to the lack of motive force in development, defective social benefits, and shortage of talents. As a consequence, cultural development of characteristic towns doesn’t have guarantee. Sheer focus on benefits causes imbalance between economic effectiveness, cultural and social effectiveness. The lack of emphasis on scientific and technological innovation leads to the shortage of modern vitality and vigor. From the perspectives of these issues, the paper will propose relevant measures, so that cultural factors can play a better role in construction of characteristic towns.

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